#TACTIX :: Football Players Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Football can be rough

Football is a rough impact game that puts the body through enormous amounts of stress. Players require intense energy, speed, and strength. As high schools and colleges gear up to start this year’s season, those who play the game are subjected to increased risk of injury. Injuries, both small and serious, can include head, neck, ankle, knee, and spinal damage. It’s important that football players be aptly prepared physically to dissipate or minimize any damage and treat any injuries quickly and correctly. Players need to train well to strengthen muscles and joints, eat healthy, keep up with medical checkups, and seek a quality chiropractor to stay ahead of their game. Football players can benefit from chiropractic care. Each NFL team and most colleges employ a chiropractor to minimize and handle stress to the spine and joints, make needed body adjustments, and treat injuries.

Build solid body maintenance

Football can be brutal. Quick starts and stops, explosive jumping or running, collisions, and atypical body postures put added demands on the body.  Building muscle mass with a proper diet and exercise regimen is essential in properly tuning your body. Players need to absorb the impact of body hits and contortions used to reach for the ball and avoid other players.  Even still, pulled muscles, joint pain, and stiffness can be commonplace. Many players use chiropractic care to ease the general pain that comes from overexertion and rough play. Strong muscles and joints working at their peak prevent or lessen many injuries.

Improve mobility and flexibility

90% of your nervous system travels through your spine. Football players with spinal misalignment and lack of motion can disrupt and slow down the information needed for lightning-fast reflexes. Proper stretching and range of motion exercises can help keep joints flexible and stronger.

Chiropractic care helps the body realign the spine, restoring proper spinal motion. This in turn provides uninterrupted information flow over the nervous system creating better hand-eye coordination and faster reflexes.

Pain reduction and recovery

Inevitably, anyone playing football is going to experience some type of injury. It’s important to treat any injury quickly and properly.  Injuries common to football include injuries to the head, neck, and shoulder, hand, knee, legs, feet, ankles, back and spine. Many of the treatment options within chiropractic care have recovery-enhancing properties. They enhance circulation, reduce muscle tension, restore proper alignment, pain management, and decrease inflammation. Additionally, the spine plays a large role in dictating healing and recovery across the rest of the body. By addressing the spine, other body soreness and misalignments can see improvements.

Your chiropractor can help your football game

By building up your strength, gaining muscle mass, improving flexibility, eating right, and utilizing proper spine and joint techniques, football athletes can stay safe in their sport. While chiropractic has been proven to be an excellent source for injury rehabilitation and healing, it is an even better resource for preventing damage from happening. Football players can benefit from chiropractic care. A recent study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Investigation showed that as much as 32% of athletes receiving chiropractic care experienced increased flexibility, speed, agility, and power and a decrease in the number of injuries sustained during sports participation. Chiropractix has been a staple for many athletes who understand the positive effects chiropractic care can have to improve their game and ease injury recovery.

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