#TACTIX :: Fitness Trackers

fitness tracker

Ok, we all want to be healthy and commit to our fitness goals. Simple right? Well…the reality is sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives and often put fitness on our back burners. We don’t always add a workout, walk, biking, or any other exercises onto our daily calendars.  That’s where fitness and…

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#TACTIX :: At-Home Workout

At Home Workout Routines

So, what’s keeping you at home and away from the gymnasium? Crazy fees? Large crowds? Feeling self-conscience? Unfamiliar equipment? Pandemic fears? Gyms can be intimidating, expensive, and lately, because of the COVID-19 virus, worrisome. Plus, as we enter the winter months, outdoor activities become somewhat limited and we tend to slow down our physical movements.…

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#TACTIX :: Building a Strong and Stable Core

strong and stable core

Building a strong and stable core is essential. When you’re trying to make the effort to stay healthy and exercise, the hardest decision is what should you focus on. Think of an apple. Once you make your way past the peel and the flesh of the apple, you find yourself at the core. The core…

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#TACTIX :: Keeping your fitness goals on Thanksgiving Day

Keeping your fitness goals on Thanksgiving Day You’ve been staying fit and healthy all year long, but if you are more nervous than the turkey at Thanksgiving, you are not alone. A typical fully loaded dinner contains as many as 3,000 calories, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). That number is more than…

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#TACTIX :: Managing Stress through Meditation.

managing street through meditation

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try Meditation to Reduce Stress Let’s state the obvious: We live in a stressful world. Trying to manage everyday tasks with your work, family, relationship, and even online environments can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. Sometimes, we just need a moment to relax and breathe. That’s where managing stress…

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#TACTIX :: Stop slouching and fix your posture.

fix your posture

Good posture allows the body to function efficiently. Whether you realize it or not, most of us spend much of our day sitting at a desk, slouched on the couch TV binge watching, or suffering from “tech neck” flipping through endless social media posts. Am I right? The reality is…our posture is awful. Furthermore, our…

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#TACTIX :: Practicing Wellness in an Ongoing Pandemic

Delta Variants and Doubling Down Way back in the beginning of 2021 (which feels like it was a decade ago), everyone was optimistic. Vaccines were rolling out, things were opening back up – we were ready to return to our lives. Anddddd then there was the delta variant. For many, it was in simplest terms,…

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#TACTIX :: Time Off, Active Recovery & Massage

 “No such thing as a rest day, bro!” Perhaps you’ve heard something along these lines at your local gym. Of course training hard is important, but so is rest, active recovery and massage. There’s always someone who trains 7 days a week, full throttle every session until eventually, they stop showing up. Can you guess…

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