#TACTIX :: Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

Welcome to Winter Wintertime is upon us. It’s getting colder and darker earlier, and we’re retreating to indoor life and activities. This is also the time of year we start exercising less and catching illnesses more. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can still eat healthily, stay exercised, and avoid illnesses with…

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#TACTIX :: Food for Pain Management

Food for thought Most people seek chiropractic to alleviate pain. Pain symptoms could be from a short-term injury or something causing chronic pain. Your provider may offer medication, adjustments, exercise techniques, or other methods to manage body pain. One overlooked method is diet. Food for pain management is a powerful tool that can aid with temporary…

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#TACTIX :: Choosing a Mattress for Better Health

Choosing a mattress Sleep is one of the most important actions one needs in keeping your body and mind healthy. Most adults need seven or more hours to sleep, but the most important aspect is the quality of that sleep. You should always feel rested when you wake up. Getting good sleep helps with weight,…

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#TACTIX :: The Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

Take a walk Don’t have time for the gym? Take a walk. Feeling stressed out? Go for a walk. Sun is shining outside? Enjoy a walk. Sitting too long in your office chair? You need to walk. Walking is a perfect way to exercise, relieve stress, circulate your blood, and reduce health problems. There are…

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#TACTIX :: Does Weather Affect Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Feels like rain “There must be a storm coming…I can feel it in my bones.” If you have heard this phrase or a similar one involving rain or another significant weather event predicted by achy joints, you are not alone. Nearly 75% of arthritis sufferers believe rain and cold worsen their pain. Maybe you have…

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#TACTIX :: Football Players Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Football Chiropractic Care

Football can be rough Football is a rough impact game that puts the body through enormous amounts of stress. Players require intense energy, speed, and strength. As high schools and colleges gear up to start this year’s season, those who play the game are subjected to increased risk of injury. Injuries, both small and serious,…

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#TACTIX :: Golfers Rely on Chiropractic Care

Golfers rely on chiropractic care

Even pro golfers rely on chiropractic care Did you know that most pro golfers rely on chiropractic care to stay healthy and excel in their game? The PGA even employs a team to provide regular chiropractic care provided. With over 50 events held during golf season, that’s ample opportunity to suffer an injury, particularly a…

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#TACTIX :: Building Muscle Mass

muscle mass

Watch enough action movies and you may feel the wish to be built like The Rock, John Cena, or Ronda Rousey. Building muscle mass can increase the definition of your muscles, improve your lean body mass, and add bulk to the right parts of the body. But aside from looking ripped and feeling more confident,…

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#TACTIX :: Footwear causing back pain

Footwear Pain

Are you experiencing more back pain lately and not sure what might be the cause of it? Most of us will seek the advice of Dr. Google and try to look up the cause. But a possible culprit might be found if you just look down for the cause. From chiropractic and a biomechanical point…

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#TACTIX :: Setting Up A Successful Wellness Program

A healthy business can easily be measured by a healthy workplace. Healthy employees with positive morale are the key to survival for any company. Particularly amid the recent few years of living with a pandemic, creating a wellness program is imperative for your business. Economically, setting up a successful wellness program pays off by helping…

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