#TACTIX :: Stop slouching and fix your posture.

Good posture allows the body to function efficiently.

Whether you realize it or not, most of us spend much of our day sitting at a desk, slouched on the couch TV binge watching, or suffering from “tech neck” flipping through endless social media posts. Am I right? The reality is…our posture is awful. Furthermore, our posture has gotten worse during the pandemic as we rely even heavier on virtual technology. So, let’s straighten up and fix your posture, shall we?  

Your posture can be corrected. 

If you are suffering from neck or back pain, poor posture could be the cause. Your posture is vital to your overall health because it allows the body to function efficiently. Sitting or standing properly can help support your back and neck and even help your vital organs operate properly. Good posture also helps to breathe better and digest food efficiently.

Try this. When you are standing, imagine a string attached to the top of your head pulling you upwards. Make sure your neck and shoulders all in line with your hips. Keep your feet balanced and pull your stomach and abs in tighter. 

Be aware of how you sit at a desk. Maintain a straight back and feet flat on the floor. Provide proper lumbar support for your back and even use a footrest if it helps. Keep your mouse close to you and your computer screen level with your eyes. 

Try some posture improving exercises.

Many simple stretch and posing exercises have been recommended to help improve posture. Do a posture check by standing against a wall. You should have less than two inches between the wall and your neck and back. 

Spend a few minutes a day in the Child’s Pose position. Start on your hands and knees and slowly sit back over your heels while extending your arms straight out in front of you. Rest your forehead on the floor. Take several deep, steady breathes.

Build your core with a high plank. Basically, it’s like doing pushups without the push. Start in a pushup position, with your arms straight, then press back through your heels so that the backs of your legs are active, too.

Stretch your neck regularly, especially if you are staring at your phone for long periods of time. Lower your chin toward your chest for ten seconds then tilt your chin toward the ceiling for another ten. Next, try to touch each shoulder with each ear by tilting your head to each side. Finally, rotate your head to look to your left, then rotate it to look to your right. 

Keep “straight up” committed.

It’s easy to slack off with your posture. The poor way we sit, lean, and stand can become a natural habit that’s hard to break. Try to keep up with proper exercise, better ergonomics, and attention to your posture and you will see improvements in your health and less pains. Look for posture apps on you phone and smartwatches to help remind you to do a posture check. Remember, many health benefits are associated with good posture. We hope these tips help straighten you out.  

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